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Westport River Gallery expands while others close doors

HM Saffer - Provence
Written by Sean Henri

At a time when many businesses are imploding, the Westport River Gallery has expanded by 50% at one of the most heavily visited intersections in the region.

HM Saffer - Provence

Provence by HM Saffer

Westport, CT – At a time when many businesses are imploding, the Westport River Gallery has expanded by 50% at one of the most heavily visited intersections in the region. Thanks to the many customers who keep business coming, the gallery recently carved out a doorway from the main gallery to the new space, where they have special exhibits, clearance items and full service framing services.  This is in addition to the French, European, American & Asian Fine Art for sale at the gallery. With the recent expansion, there is now even more more space for wedding showers and corporate retreats.   Visitors are welcome to stop in, enjoy a touch of lunch in the building at the Napoli Sul Fiume overlooking the Saugatuck River, and then stroll through the gallery.

SAVE 30% on Fine Art
Readers of the Connecticut Weekender can save 30% on any Fine Art at the Westport River Gallery until Sunday, August 8th with the code WEEKENDER. This promotion excludes any glassworks or items on clearance.  Call 203-226-6934 for details.

A new exhibit is underway featuring new works by award winning artist HM Saffer. His new works on board include Provence (see above), and are a unique blend of Klimt, Van Gogh and his own imagination. H.M. admits he is a character. He enjoys life, his family, a bottle of fine wine at a cafe, and in recent years his works have achieved a much higher-level of international notice. Congrats. He deserves it.  Click for more works.

Painting by Henri Lepetit

Painting by Henri Lepetit

New paintings featuring Saint Tropez, Southport (Connecticut), Paris (see right) and south of France have arrived by Henri Lepetit. His paintings are gutsy, bold, and positive. He paints with flair and without hesitation. He knows exactly where he is going and exactly how he is going to achieve the end result. Sizes range from 9×11 to 20×40. For more images click here.

A new arrival is unique glass sculpture by Fusani, 50, of Argentina. In 1991, he traveled around Japan and Europe where he visited principal centers of ceramics and glass. He began combining two techniques: lost wax (Pate du Verre) and fusing glass. Two or more layers of glass create forms that trigger the imagination of the observer. Fusani enjoys discovering the different characteristics and potential of glass: transparencies, textures, stretching, elements which compliment his initial concept. Prices range from $75 to $150. Size is from 2” squared to about 7” wide. The glass looks like its sea washed, and about a half inch thick. Unique gifts for favors, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or “just because.” Each has two or three figures.

Painting by French Artist Eitel

Painting by French Artist Eitel

Four classic works by known French artists are being offered at below market prices, since they are on consignment. This includes Poumelin, Eitel (right) and Mogart.

Making way for new paintings, about 8 older paintings by award winning artist Barbara Krupp are now on “severe clearance.” Originally priced about $2400 to $6000, they are now reduced 75%. So, for example a 24×48 is now only $600. See the works here.

Gallery co-owner Pat Warren and Impressionist Brian Sage will offer a discussion on Impressionism at the Angel Hair Salon in Orange 6-8 pm Aug 11. Works will also be for sale and will benefit non-profit homeless advocate Columbus House, based in southern Connecticut. Space is limited so let Pat know if you wish to come. 203-226-6934.

Westport River Gallery is open Wednesday-Sunday or by special appointment. The gallery specializes in original fine international works of art from Europe, the Americas and Asia, and also offer framing services, and gallery rental for special events. Call 203-226-6934 or visit for more information.

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