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Two Roads Brewery: One of Connecticut’s Favorite Beer Makers

Written by Ryan Sylvestre

Two Roads Brewing Company is one of Connecticut’s favorite craft breweries, and with good reason: The beer is amazing, the atmosphere is fun, you can tour the facilities (if you get there on time) and you’ll always walk away with a smile on your face.

I pulled off I-95 on a sunny Sunday, heading to Two Roads Brewing Company for my first ever visit. The brewery is a stone’s throw away from the exit ramp, and seems to come right out of nowhere—you might find yourself wondering, as I did, where the heck it it is, until all of a sudden you’re right on top of it.

As you walk up to the main brewery door, be sure to look up. There is a GIANT bar tap above you looking as though it is ready to rain down delicious craft beer. Obviously, it won’t (though wouldn’t that be great?), but it’s one of those small details that speaks volumes about the place you’re about to enter.

The building itself is an old U.S. Baird Building, which in years past was filled with presses that would churn out machinery and tool pieces. Today, it houses the magic of Two Roads’ beer tanks.

When you walk into the brewery and head up the stairs, you’ll see a beautiful tap room with an elongated, circular bar able to seat just about everyone that wants to have a frosty beverage.

We sat at the bar with our backs up against a wall of glass. Through the glass, you could see workers walking around the company’s beer tanks, which stood from the bottom of the first floor to the ceiling of the second story, making adjustments and ensuring that everything was on track.

Two Roads Brewery Tours

Unfortunately, my friend and I got to Two Roads after the tours had already finished for the day. But if you’re interested in learning more about the beer-making process in general, and about Two Roads’ process specifically, the tours really are the way to go.

For just $5 per person, you’ll be able to go into the tank room and learn about just how the beer is made, and can even ask questions of the knowledgeable staff. (Though, no, they won’t give away any proprietary secrets.)

Tours take place Friday through Sunday (check here for a schedule of times) and reservations cannot be taken for tours. That being said, Saturday offers the most time slots, making that the day you’re most likely to get in a tour. Fridays typically have only one tour slot, making them a little more competitive.

Two Roads Beer

In order to get the absolute most out of our Two Roads experience, my friend and I both ordered a flight of beer so that we could taste a number of brews before choosing a favorite. Some of the (many) beers we tried and loved were:

  • The Ol’ Factory Pils, which is my personal favorite Two Roads beer that combines German and American hops
  • The Espressway, a cold-brewed coffee stout
  • Honeyspot Road, an unfiltered IPA flavored with wheat and malt
  • Lil Heaven, another IPA, flavored with three kinds of hops and with flavors of passion fruit, grapefruit, and apricots.
  • Workers Comp, a farmhouse ale made from a number of grains and a robust yeast that imparts a really unique flavor

Depending on the time of year you visit, you may also get to taste one of their popular seasonal varieties, including Zero 2 Sixty, Bergamonster Belgian, Road Jam Raspberry Wheat, and Miles 2 Go Unfiltered Pale Lager.

Food at Two Roads Brewery

Two Roads doesn’t serve food itself. Instead, they encourage you to either bring your own snacks or to grab some grub from one of the food trucks that regularly station outside the brewery.

Even if you don’t intend to buy food, trying to walk past the trucks on your way out will prove challenging. After having a couple beers we decided it was time to go. As we walked out we were stopped in our tracks from the delicious smell coming from the food truck right outside the brewery doors.

The Sunday that I went featured the “Chief Brody’s Banh Mi” food truck, which wound up being delicious but the food trucks rotate on a regular basis and can include everything from BBQ to crepes to meatballs and the legendary Fryborg french fry truck. Be sure to check out the Two Roads food truck calendar before you visit to see what’ll be on offer before you get there.

Our Verdict

I would have to say that Two Roads is going to be added to my frequent visitor list. The atmosphere of the tap room overlooking a massive brewing area really makes you feel like they put you in as a part of the process. Without a following no company can survive. Two Roads has really built a strong connection to the surrounding community. The packed tap room spoke for itself and showed how loyal their customers are.

Make sure to check out their events page for their own pint nights and tap takeovers.

Have a brewery suggestion? Let us know in the comments below and I’ll look into adding them to my brewery tour!

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