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Top 10 Connecticut Playgrounds Every Kid Must Visit

Pease Place Playground
Written by Corin Fuller

Playgrounds are kid territory. Here’s a guide to Connecticut’s best unique playgrounds with activities for children of all abilities.

Besides home and school, playgrounds are safe places for kids to run freely and explore a new environment. Luckily, Connecticut is blessed with some pretty unique playgrounds that feature equipment to accommodate all children.

And the benefits are obvious: Children get to interact with each other, develop social skills like sharing, and get comfortable being around others—especially important when they’re young. Plus, while they’re having fun they’re getting a healthy dose of exercise (and burning off some energy so that bedtime isn’t such a struggle later on!).

Are your kids getting tired of going to the same old playground week after week? Check out our suggestions below for 10 unique and different playgrounds that kids of all ages will love!

Fairfield County

1. Sandcastle Playground in Fairfield is a must-go this summer. It combines a fun beach day with a playground, ensuring that your kids will be wiped out when the day ends. Have fun in the water, and then take a walk over to the playground. Jennings Beach has a $20 parking fee, but in off seasons the playground is free. Sandcastle Playground features slides, traditional swings for toddlers and big kids, a tire swing, nets for climbing, monkey bars, seesaws, and more.

2. Imagination Station Playground at Ballard Park in Ridgefield is innovative, accessible, and all inclusive to children with disabilities. It’s fully fenced, words every mother loves to hear because safety is always important. It’s a great place for kids to socialize while they climb, swing, slide, and spin on the two main playscapes for toddlers and big kids.

Imagination Station Playground

3. The Sky’s the Limit Playground in Ridgefield is every kid’s dream. It’s a great example of what a playground should be. The accessible playground is located at the Ridgefield Recreation Center and was designed for children that use wheelchairs, leg braces, and walkers to enjoy. It features a fantastic rock climbing wall and lowered monkey bars, that are very popular amongst children.

New Haven County

4. Pease Place Playground in Woodbridge is a destination that brings families together. A few years go, two mothers envisioned a playground with new equipment for children of all ages and abilities to enjoy. Today, Pease Place is truly a favorite for many parents. It includes 2 playscapes, one for toddlers and one for children 5-12. At the center of the playground is a tented “sensory area” that was designed to help children with brain development. The main attraction, The Mega Physics Tower, allows children to climb up to 3 platforms then slide back down. Parents can watch and eat lunch on benches and picnic tables that surround the play areas.

Pease Place Playground

5. Kids in Motion Playground in Cheshire is every parent’s model playground. It is fully fenced with self locking gates and includes shaded picnic areas. The three main playgrounds are separated by age. Children can climb on a rock wall, a double webscape, slides and other sensory activities. It’s a great option for children with disabilities as well, it features several transfer stations, accessible swings that with harnesses and high backs, ramps, and an easy to wheel surface.

Kids in Motion Playground

Hartford County

6. My Friend’s Place in South Windsor is a boundless playground that is perfect for adventurous and social children. The playground features 2 primary playscapes, an oversized safety swing, traditional swings, a tire swing (which in my opinion, is a playground must-have), a music area with an oversized xylophones, and other play stations with sensory play activities. For parents, picnic tables are located in the garden so relax and enjoy the day. The destination is popular amongst residents, expect many social encounters for your children!

My Friends Place Playground


7. Panthorn Park—Rainbow Playground in Plantsville is a prime location for the entire family. It includes a children’s playground, basketball courts, a fishing pond, sports fields, and a nature hiking trail. The rainbow playground is boundless, large and colorful, a perfect place for adventurous children. The 2 main playscapes feature slides, monkey bars, tunnels, ladders, and a large sandbox. Parents will love it because It’s completely fenced it in for optimum safety. You can sit at the covered picnic tables or benches that are located throughout the park and watch your little ones have fun!

8. Elm Ridge Park in Rocky Hill has all the essentials for a fun family outing (including the dog)! On a hot summer day, grab your bathing suits and jump into the outdoor pool. There are restrooms and showers available for changing. After the kids have cooled down, walk over to the two main playscapes where they can play on slides, monkey bars, and climb different features for hours. The park includes multiple sports fields, a covered picnic area with a grill, a skatepark, and a dog park. So many options for a day with the family!

Tolland County

9. Clinton Town Beach Playground in Clinton is a great location to spend your summer days with the kids. It’s large and painted bright blue colors, but the best part is that it is located on the beach! The playground includes swings, playscapes for for toddlers and older children, slides, cargo climbing net, and a spinning saucer! The climbing net is very popular among children and is great for coordination, balance, and strength. During the off season the playground is free but during beach season, parking is $25 for non-residents.

clinton town beach playground

10. Adam’s Adventure Playground in Tolland was built just a few years ago. The park was inspired by a boy named Adam. At age 7, Adam was struck with bacterial meningitis that left him in a coma for months. Thankfully, he survived, but the illness did leave him with cognitive impairments and a seizure disorder. Adam’s Adventure Park was built in his honor. Adam’s dream was to build a playground that accommodates children with mobility impairments, auditory disabilities, autism spectrum disorders, cognitive impairments, and visual disabilities. They’re always accepting donations to continue growing and expanding their facilities.

adams adventure playground

Playgrounds are for every kid to enjoy. These special places help children learn to be themselves while engaging in physical and mental activities. Take the whole family out and enjoy your summer days!

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