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Pro Guide: How To Tailgate at a UConn Huskies Football Game This Fall

UConn Football
Written by Ryan Sylvestre

You can’t have fall without football. Here in Connecticut, we may have a dispute over who our favorite NFL team is, Jets, Giants, Patriots, the list goes on. But there is a common theme when it comes to our favorite college football team, The Huskies.

I have such fond memories of helping my dad pack the car the night before a big tailgate. We would bust out the checklist and lay everything out in the garage before stuffing it into the car with a Tetris-like style of packing.

Get the most out of Connecticut with our Fall Experience Checklist

Download your checklist!


Uconn Football Schedule (Home Games)

Before we even dive into how to experience one of these games, check out this schedule to decide which home game you want to attend.

  • Saturday – September 15th – Rhode Island – 12 P.M.
  • Saturday – September 29th – Cincinnati – TBA
  • Saturday- October 27th – Massachusetts – TBA
  • Saturday – November 10th – SMU -TBA
  • Saturday – November 24th – Temple – TBA

Picking a game that works for you is important. You want to make sure you have plenty of time to prepare and get in the zone! To keep up with schedule updates, visit the Uconn Huskies Football website.

Where To Get Tickets

football stadium

Once you have picked out the perfect game, head over to to check out seating charts and pricing. If I could give one piece of advice, it would be to get amazing seats, obviously.  If you are taking your friends, family, son, or daughter to their first football game; get some awesome seats.

Whether you like it or not, I am a Patriots fan. I remember walking up to the stadium; you could hear the crowd inside from a mile away. I sat down with an oversized jersey and a big hot dog overflowing with ketchup and mustard. Anyone that goes to a football game for the first time should get the full experience right out of the gate.

Tailgating Checklist

We know that most people worry about forgetting things the day of. We set up a little checklist to make sure you remember to bring the essentials.

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Plates
  • Utensils
  • Plastic Cups
  • Trash Bags
  • Cooler
  • Ice
  • Bottle Opener
  • Football/ Games
  • Portable Speaker
  • Extra Clothes

I’m sure there are plenty more items to add but this will get you started.

How To Plan Your Day

1. Start The Day Off With A Massive Breakfast

You’re going to have a long day so make sure to fill up with some breakfast fuel in the morning.

Ken’s Corner Breakfast & Lunch


Nutella french toast. Oh, do I need to say more? If you are looking for a breakfast place that always serves up consistently delicious food, Ken’s is the answer. They are right next to the stadium and have amazing food. They have awesome omelets, french toast, coffee, BACON, kielbasa, and much more. Packing, unpacking, and repacking will take a lot of energy. Not to mention cheering for the home team! Fuel up so you can stay strong the whole day.

Pro Tip:  This place is super popular (because it’s so good) so there is usually a big line. Don’t worry the line moves fast. Might want to plan for a few extra minutes just as a buffer. 

2. Make Sure You Grab Anything Else You Need (Forget)

There are plenty of stores in the surrounding area that you can go to if you forget anything. Even if you have a list, you may forget something or think of something you want/need on your way to the field.

Anytime we headed out for a game, without fail, there would be something we needed or forgot. Sometimes we would underestimate the number of beverages needed for our tailgate, or needed an emergency backup of burgers, just in case we got extra hungry.

3. Get To The Field Early

I have been to a few tailgates in my day and always loved getting there early. We would set everything up, get the music playing, and would watch everyone else scramble to set everything up in a crowded parking lot.

Every parking lot will have a different set of rules about things you can and cannot bring. Make sure to read the rules and regulations for the Uconn field.

Pro Tip: Put some thought into how to pack your car. Make sure you can get up and get out when the time comes. You don’t want to get caught in a parking lot traffic mess.

4. Grab Some Stadium Food

Even though tailgating involves indulging in some of our favorite foods, make sure to grab some stadium food. There is nothing like having a hot dog in the fourth quarter to round out the day experience.

Remember to sit back and take it all in. Going to a sporting event like this can prompt a family tradition, favorite childhood memory, or a new passion.

Have a Favorite Memory?

If you have been to a Uconn Football game or any Connecticut sporting event, let us know how you planned out your day.

We would love to hear your tailgating tips and secret tricks to owning a perfect sports game day.
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