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13 Summer Activities In CT To Jumpstart The Season

berry picking
Written by Ryan Sylvestre

Looking for something fun to do to kick off your summer in CT, now that the snow is gone and the sun is here to stay? Here are 13 of our favorite summer activities, from geocaching to berry picking, to camping, hiking and more.

We all felt the impact of this year’s winter and are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time to get into the summer spirit and enjoy all of the great activities CT has to offer. There are plenty of things going on to keep you and your family occupied.

If you’re looking for variety, Connecticut’s summer possibilities are endless.

It seems as if the summer months fly by while the colder months last forever. It’s time to take advantage of the sun before it’s too late. Check out this list of 13 things to do to get your summer rolling.

1. Theme parks

Theme Park

A fun-filled day a theme park is what the summer is all about Connecticut is home to two amazing parks. Lake Compounce and Quassy Amusement Park have been providing entertainment to thrill seekers for over a hundred years. Lake Compounce officially opened in 1846, while Quassy Amusement Park opened in 1908. Quassy has swimming, picnicking, food, and a huge arcade. At Lake Compounce you can expect tons of fun splashing around in the largest waterpark in Connecticut or enjoy riding the top-rated wooden roller coaster. Check out their websites for full details.

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2. Ice cream

Ice Cream

A good serving of this sweet stuff always marks the end of a great summer day. Taking a trip to your favorite ice cream spot will excite the whole family. Luckily, Connecticut is home to a whole bunch of wonderful ice cream shops. Some of our favorites include Ashley’s, Rich Farm, and Milkcraft. You can learn more about CT’s amazing ice cream shops and creameries here,

3. Farmers markets

Farmers Market

Heading down to a farmers market might be the best thing to freshen up your food. With fresh veggies and other local treats, farmers markets provide an outlet to eat well and help the community. Having a farmers market to visit every week gives you a chance to get outside and add tons of nutrition to your diet. Check out this list of farmers markets to find one near you.

4. Hiking Trails

Hiking Trail

Going for a nice hike can help to shake off the cold winter blues. Connecticut has beautiful hiking trails all over the state that most never take advantage of. If you are looking for new places to explore check out our CT Hiking Trails article. With tons of trails all over the state, there is likely one right around the corner.

5. Geocaching


If you are someone that craves adventure than Geocaching is right up your alley. Geocaching is the perfect combination of hiking and scavenger hunt. You never know, they may be a geocache on your favorite hiking trail. I tried this out and find a bunch of hidden treasures on trails I walk all the time. This is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and explore places you’ve never been before. Check out our guide to geocaching in CT for a quick beginner guide on how to get started.

6. Brownstone

Zip lining

Brownstone is the place for all summer activities. They have swimming, hiking, cliff jumping, zip-lining and rock climbing. I don’t know how you can pack any more fun into one place. Brownstone seems to have everything all in one place. Get out an enjoy some of the most exciting summer activities at the historic brownstone quarry. Check out their events page to stay updated on things happening at the park.  

7. Drive-In Movie

Drive-in movies

Back in the day, there were about 4,000 drive-in movie theaters in the United States, but only about 350 remain today. Thank goodness Connecticut is home to three of them: The Southington, Mansfield, and Pleasant Valley Drive-ins. A mix of history, nostalgia, and good old family entertainment, CT’s drive-ins are the perfect way to spend the night out under the summer stars.

8. Fishing   


Some of my best summer memories was when I would head down to my favorite fishing place with my friends. Sometimes I would get too excited and have to make a quick trip before school started. Connecticut is home to plenty of great fishing spots, and most of the best are secret—some people just won’t give up their spot. You can find popular fishing spots at TakeMeFishing.Org, or check out our list of fishing spots perfect for families with kids.

9. Farmington River Tubing     Tubing

If you like a little adrenaline rush, then Farmington River Tubing might be the right activity for you. The Farmington River company supplies you with everything you need to cruise down the river. Be careful, this isn’t your regular amusement park ride. If you want to be ahead of the game, download the waiver form off of their website so you can skip right to the fun.

10. Go-Karting


Go-karting is another fun adrenaline-packed activity. Battling with your friends and family for the number one spot can fuel an awesome summer day. CT is home to a few go-karting places and each one is sure to excite.

11. Baseball Games

Baseball game

I don’t know what screams summer more than a night at the ballpark. Sitting down with friends or family, having a hotdog and soaking up the sun seems like a no-brainer. Connecticut has a few different teams to root for, Tigers, Yard Goats, and the Bees. If you want more information about CT’s baseball teams, look at our guide to Connecticut Baseball.

12. Berry Picking

Berry picking

If you looking for an activity to keep you and your kids occupied, Connecticut offers 7 pick-your-own berry farms. You can get out in the sun to enjoy a fun-filled day of picking some of the freshest berries you have ever tasted. If you want more information on where you can pick your own berries, check out our Guide To Berry Picking in CT.

13. Camping


If you don’t mind roughing it for a night or two then you may want to take the family on a little camping trip. Camping gives you a chance to step away from the screens and connect with your friends and family. The CT.GOV website provides a good map if you are looking for a campground close by or want to explore a different part of the state.

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