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5 Rock Climbing Gyms In CT To Break The Cold Weather Blues

Written by Noel Lorde

The weather is starting to get colder and colder as winter slowly approaches. A lot of outdoor activities are going to come to a jarring halt because of the weather, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing fun activities. You could either put on a couple of extra layers and embrace the weather or enjoy indoor activities to do when it’s just too chilly.

Even though we might be forced to stay indoors soon, that doesn’t mean we still can’t have fun. Rock climbing can be your next cool indoor adventure to get you out of your winter funk. It requires a lot of coordination, strength, and balance, but it’s a lot of fun and a great group activity. If you’re interested in rock climbing, check out these six rock climbing gyms in Connecticut.

1. The Climb Zone – Stamford


Chelsea Piers Connecticut is a giant recreational facility that offers programs, sports leagues, and activities for parents and children. Inside the facility, there is a 22-foot wall for both experienced and inexperienced climbers. There are five stations inside the gym where you can learn and practice your skills. It’s very kid friendly and they even offer youth classes for children.

The sessions are 60 minutes long. They have classes for beginners and intermediates. Beginner classes focus on basic climbing techniques. They give instructions on how to use equipment, bouldering, and climbing. The more intermediate classes demonstrate concepts like climbing knots, advanced hand and feet techniques, and heel hooking. Registration is ongoing and you can enroll now online.

2. Prime Club – Wallingford


Whether you’re an avid climber or just starting out, Prime Club offers a wide variety of programs and passes for every kind of visitor. If you’re a beginner and don’t have any or much experience, you might want to check out their day passes. It’s the perfect option for anyone looking for a day of fun. If you’re looking to really dive into the world of rock climbing, I recommend taking some lessons at the gym. Lessons are held on Wednesday at 7 pm or you can schedule them on Saturday or Sunday morning. They also have monthly passes for the more dedicated climbers.

Prime Climb also has a special section within their facility just for kids called Mountain Fun. Mountain Fun is the only rock climbing facility in Connecticut dedicated for kids. There’s no experience necessary. The facility is equipped with auto belays that allows your kids to skip the knot tying and rope management techniques that they might have to learn at other establishments. Mountain Fun also host birthday parties and school programs for the little ones. For parties, your cost will cover one hour of climbing and access to their party room which is supplied with everything you need to have an awesome rock climbing birthday bash.

3. Stone Age Rock Climbing – Manchester


The Stone Age Rock Climbing in Manchester offers a variety of specials throughout the week to accommodate everyone’s budget. On Wednesday, they offer a Family Night special where families of three can come in for $40. Larger families can add additional family members for the discounted price of $10.50. They offer other specials for groups looking to have a good night out. If you want to start climbing soon, you might want to fill out their Visitor and Participant Agreement. You can submit it right online to save you some time at the front desk. Their special events can get pretty busy and you don’t want to waste time filling out paperwork when you could be having fun climbing.

4. Central Rock Gym – Glastonbury


This gym is open Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 10 pm. On the weekends you can climb from 9 am to 9 pm. If you’re a member, you’re granted special access to the gym during the weekdays from 9 am to 12 pm. You just have to make sure you have all your equipment handy and you don’t need to make any transactions at the front desk.

The facility is equipped with 23,000 square feet of climbing terrain for you to enjoy. They have 40 square feet of bouldering for those of you looking to climb rope free and 40 feet of lead climbing. There are over 120 different stations for you to choose from plus they have additional fitness programs for you to utilize. The fitness program is equipped with a large weight room, classes, and showers. The classes offered will supplement your climbing experience. Some of the classes that are held in the fitness program are Strength & Stretch, Injury Prevention, and Functional Fitness for Climbers.

5. Rock Climb Fairfield-Fairfield


Rock Climb Fairfield is open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 10 pm and are open during the weekends from 9 am to 9 pm. They offer day passes that range in price for children and adults. They also offer discounts for students, seniors, military, and first responders. If you’re just starting out and you don’t have much equipment you can always rent some from the gym. Or if you’re looking to make a purchase, their Pro Shop has a wide selection of rock climbing equipment to choose from. Their shoe styles range from beginners to advanced climbers and they have a variety of sizes for adults and kids. The even let you test them out on the walls before you buy them.

There’s a lot of benefits to becoming a member at this gym as well. There’s a complimentary belay course where instructors will teach you how to use the device. You can also participate in the yoga courses they offer. There are evening and weekend classes that are also free for members. All you have to do is bring your own mat; you can even bring a friend in for free once a month and get them hooked on rock climbing too.

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