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10 Ways To Keep Your Kids Occupied On Spring Break

Written by Ryan Sylvestre

Keeping your kids happy and entertained during a prolonged school vacation like spring break can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have anything planned in advance. Here are 10 ideas of activities that you can do to keep your kids boredom-free this spring break!

Spring break is approaching fast, if it hasn’t already started. And that means one thing: Bored kids that need to be entertained! It’s time to bust out the thinking caps and make a plan.

Do you remember when you were a kid and spring break felt like forever? Hanging out with friends and doing little day trips are some of my favorite memories as a child. Creating those memories for your children is an amazing responsibility.

This list of spring break activities for kids in CT is all that you need to succeed in your mission of creating a great spring break for your child..

1. Bike Paths

Load up the car and head out for adventure! There are a bunch of CT bike trails all over the state. This is a great way to get outside, do a little exercise and explore a new part of the state. Getting out of the house, office or classroom can be refreshing for the whole family. The scenic trails are a great way to share a day with your family and keep the spring break energized. Check out TrailLink for a list of bike trails in CT.

2. Take A Day Trip

Sometimes no matter how much you love being home, you just need to get away for a little while. Day trips are the perfect opportunity to do just that. If you want to squeeze in a little education with all the fun, check out these educational CT day trips. If you’ve got a young family, these day trips for families with kids are just what you need. A day away from the stresses of the house will benefit everyone.

3. At-home Science Experiments

It is inevitable that the rain will come for at least one day over the break. Don’t let cabin fever set in! Do a science experiment instead. It’s easy to set up a whole day of fun, educational, and interesting science experiments to keep your little ones busy all day. And the best part? They don’t have to be difficult to set up or complete. Check out Science Bob for at home experiment ideas that’ll have you giggling and “wow!”-ing all day long.

4. A Visit To The Zoo

If you’re a family of animal lovers, then a day to the zoo is the perfect spring break activity for you. Luckily, CT has a number of them. Action Wildlife is an outdoor park that has a drive-through animal tour, allowing you to see all of your favorite exotic animals from the comfort of your own car. (Although, you can walk the park if you’d like, and you can hop out of your car at any time to get a little closer.) And of course, there is the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, jam-packed with all of your favorite birds, reptiles, and beasts.

5. Picnic In The Park

There are plenty of great parks throughout our state and offer a great area for family fun. You can have a picnic in the park and enjoy some outdoor sports. Bring a frisbee, kite, or soccer ball and enjoy the sun and fresh air! Stanley Quarter Park in New Britain and Wolcott Park in West Hartford are just two of the many examples of great park locations across the state. Check out this list of parks to find one in your area.

6. Geocaching

Geocaching is an excellent warm-weather activity, perfect for families and kids. Long story short, geocaching is essentially hiking crossed with a scavenger hunt, where you are using GPS to find treasures left behind by other explorers. It’s a great way to get your kids excited about the great outdoors while also sneaking in a little exercise, too!

7. Flea markets

Flea markets are a cool trip for families because there is something for everyone. Whenever I go to a flea market I am always on the lookout for some childhood memorabilia and other fun finds. Taking your family to a flea market will keep them entertained because there is just so much to do and look at. One of the biggest ones is the Elephant’s Trunk Flea Market, located in New Milford and is home to tons of different vendors! Check out this list of flea markets to find one in your area. Just be sure to go prepared with snacks, and take plenty of breaks.

8. Ropes courses

Ropes courses can keep kids occupied for hours! Though they’re essentially exercise, they’re also a whole lot of fun, challenging your balance, patience, and strength. The kids will love the challenge, and even parents can get involved to show off their skills. A really great way to burn off some energy during the long spring break hours.

9. Hiking trails

The best way to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather is to explore CT’s beautiful hiking trails. Getting outside and moving around is one of the best things to do for your kids on their spring break. What better way to get in some exercise than by visiting a state park or one of our amazing hiking trails and enjoying the fresh air, wildlife, and stunning views that they have to offer?

10. Escape rooms

Another good activity for a sunny or rainy day is an escape room, although these may be better suited to families with older children (they can be a challenge for adults, so they’re generally not recommended for children under 10). Test your brain and find clues in order to complete your mission and escape before the clock runs out. Perfect for family bonding or a day out with friends.

What’s Your Go-To?

When your child has a few days or a week off from school, what’s your go-to activity to keep them busy and entertained? Let us know in the comments below!

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