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5 Great Restaurants to Check out at Mohegan Sun

Great restaurants at Mohegan Sun
Written by Timothy Stobierski

Great restaurants at Mohegan Sun aren’t hard to come by—there’s something for everyone and for every craving. Here are some of the most unique you can enjoy.

Whether you’re heading to Mohegan Sun for a show at the Arena, an indulgent day at the spa, or a weekend of blackjack, roulette, and Wheel of Fortune slot machines, eventually you are going to realize that you’re starving. Sure, you could settle for the mega-chains that the casino has lots of—places like Chick-Fil-A, Jersey Mike’s, Johnny Rockets, among others—but then you’d be missing out on some of the more unique restaurants that Mohegan Sun has to offer.

You’re already at the casino; you’ve probably spent a fortune on concert tickets, spa packages, and gambling; you may as well treat yourself to a memorable meal as well instead of settling for something you can get on any Main Street in Connecticut. (Sometimes to get the most out of life you’ve got to listen to the bad angel on your shoulder.)

1) Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

Okay, yes, this isn’t the original Pepe’s Pizza in New Haven, which is sure to get pizza purists all worked up (“The oven’s all different!” they shout, throwing jars of parmesan cheese at me. “It doesn’t char the crust the same way!”) but one thing is for sure: Any pizzeria with Frank Pepe’s name on it has got to be amazing.

If you’ve ever gone down to New Haven with the hopes of trying the original Pepe’s for yourself and then gotten distraught over the 3-hour wait, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. With seating for 110 people, you can get your pizza a lot quicker than you would in New Haven—allowing you to enjoy pizza bliss before returning to the slot machines.

Take it from me: I’m a die-hard fan of Pepe’s Pizza, and more often than not I get it in New Haven, but I’ve even here at Mohegan Sun and the pizza tastes just the same to me as it does in at the original.

2) The Original SoupMan

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, then you can’t pass up the opportunity to eat a meal at a restaurant owned by Al Yeganeh—the real-life inspiration behind the Soup Nazi. Seems like Elaine didn’t really succeed in putting him out of business.

In addition to a wide variety of gourmet soups (perfect for the chilly weather of autumn through spring), the restaurant serves salads, classic subs and sandwiches, hot dogs, reubens, and various paninis and “melts.” It’s a little taste of New York City—right down to the New York style cheesecake for dessert—without the hassle of driving or taking a train to the city. Is there anything better?

I haven’t eaten here, but now that I know the back-story behind the owner, the next time I go to Mohegan Sun it’s going to be the first thing I eat. I have to see if the soup is as good as everyone says.

3) Geno’s Fast Break & Geno’s Pub

These two restaurants are ones that can only exist in Connecticut: a food court showcasing the triumphs and tribulations of the UConn Huskies Women’s Basketball team and an upscale pub where you can be sure you’ll always find a game of UConn sports on TV.

We love college basketball here in CT, so it only makes sense that at one of the world’s largest casinos, we’re going to have a restaurant (or two, or three) run by the best coach of them all.

Beyond enjoying a budget-friendly meal at the Fast Break or an upscale bite at the pub, you can also bring home your choice of Geno Auriemma sauces and wines.

4) Bobby’s Burger Place

If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent a lot of rainy days and long nights watching reruns on The Food Network. A part of it is great, because I’m inspired to try cooking different foods, but a part of it really stinks, because I know I’ll never be able to eat something actually prepared by the star chefs themselves. Then I found Bobby’s Burger Place, started by All-star Chef Bobby Flay, after my first concert at Mohegan Sun.

The meals here are—you guessed it—burgers and everything burger relates (fries, shakes, beer). But there are two reasons, beyond Bobby Flay’s name, that make this restaurant stick out.

The first is the option to “Crunchify” your burger by adding potato chips directly on top of it. I know a lot of people think this sounds disgusting, and until I tried it myself (on the blue cheese burger) I would have agreed, but it is absolutely amazing. Try it. You won’t regret it. Oh, and it’s free!

The second is that it’s a relatively cheap meal for something a.) at Mohegan Sun and b.) with a celebrity name behind it. The most expensive burger option ($8.50) with the most expensive side option ($4.75) comes to just $13.25. That’s a pretty sweet deal.

Before moving on, I feel like I need to point out that Bobby Flay is not likely going to be the person in the kitchen actually cooking your meal. But there’s always a chance! You never know when he might stop in and do it himself.

5) The Summer Shack

Jasper White’s Summer Shack is a seafood lover’s dream come true, serving everything from locally-caught fish to pan-roasted lobster, fried seafood baskets, and even some meat for those a bit squeamish about food that comes out of the ocean.

The standout feature here, though, is the Raw Seafood Bar, where you can have your pick of reasonably-priced ocean delicacies: oyster & tuna sashimi, oysters, littleneck clams, cherrystone clams, cocktail shrimp, and more. It’s just not something that you’d expect to find at a casino, and definitely not something that you’d expect from a restaurant that isn’t situated right on the ocean.

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