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6 Fun Activities For A Memorable Night Out In Connecticut

Written by Ryan Sylvestre

Whether it’s a night out with friends, family, your significant other, or just by yourself, we can all agree on one thing: It’s important to have a little fun in life! If you’re looking for some ideas for fun things to do on your next night out in CT, check out this list for some inspiration.

With modern life as busy and as hectic as it undoubtedly is, having the time to devote to a night out has become more and more of a luxury. Everyone works so hard and has so many responsibilities that life seems constantly to be in overdrive. Fun? Who’s got the time for that?

In reality, though, being able to take some time to yourself to refresh and recharge is extremely important for a healthy and balanced life. Having a night out might be just what you need to hit the reset button, destress, and come back stronger than ever before. So go ahead, take a load off, and get some much needed me-time!

To help give you some ideas for your next night out with the family or friends, we’ve pulled together this list of fun activities just perfect for a night out in Connecticut.

1. High Rollers Luxury Lanes—Foxwoods


This upscale bowling alley is the perfect place for you and your friends to take a night out on the town. High Rollers Luxury Lanes has a full bar, and food service to every lane, as well as a two level lounge with a piano for relaxation before and after you battle the pins. Their upscale decor matches the food in style and taste: They offer a variety of foods from pork belly sliders to the “Hot Mess” burger. If you want to be in a kid-free zone then you may want to arrive after 8pm Friday or Saturday for the adults only time.

Prices are $6 per game per person and $9 after 8pm, with an additional $5 for rental shoes.

2. Board and Brush—292 Elm Street, Monroe, CT


If you have an itch for some DIY, Board and Brush is the spot to let your creativity flow. This DIY wood sign workshop is the perfect venue for a seasoned DIY expert or for people just starting out. Their instructor-led classes are sure to walk you through the process to a product you can be proud of. You can sign up a group or come and try for yourself. They have classes to make a specific product or classes where you can just make your own. They set aside three hours for each workshop, though most don’t take that long, ensuring you have plenty of time to work on your unique sign.

3. Barcade—56 Orange Street in New Haven, CT


In case you missed it in the name, Barcade is a combination of a bar and arcade. They have a huge focus on classic arcade games and American craft beer, creating the exact vibe you would expect for a throwback 80’s arcade. They like to keep it relaxed and strive to make it a great place to relive your childhood or try out fun new games for the first time. Plus, the food is amazing and can be cheap: They have $1 tacos every Tuesday. It isn’t much of a place for fancy, sit-down-and-eat kind of foods though: They’re big on sandwich style foods that keep with that laid back vibe and active style. If you want to play some video games and put back a beer and some tacos I think this might be your holy grail.

4. Ron-A-Roll—85 S Frontage Rd, Vernon, CT


Speaking of bringing back the old days, roller skating is back! This is a fun filled activity for you and your date to try to one up each other with your skating skills. Ron a Roll is located in Vernon and offers a positive environment for anyone that is trying to learn all the way up to the experienced skaters. Roller rentals are $4.50 Friday and Saturday nights and $4 any other night. If you need skate rentals you can get them here for $8.50 at the pro shop. Make sure to put this on your list of weekend visits to see who can shred up the roller rink!

5. Firebox—539 Broad Street, Hartford, CT


Firebox is a modern but rustic restaurant located in Hartford that prides itself on their farm-to-table ideology. They buy from local surrounding towns to create their food options and are helping build the community along with building relationships. A lot of their profits go to giving back to the same community in the form of the Billings Forge Community Works program. Through this engagement they can offer things like culinary job training and hosting of farmers markets. If you want to have a excellent meal prepared with the freshest ingredients of the towns we all live in, then I suggest heading to Firebox for an amazing and beneficial visit.

6. Millwrights—77 West St. Simsbury, CT


This old saw mill has been renovated into a new upscale restaurant. This is a magical place to bring a loved one. The ambiance speaks for itself , the exposed beams and elegant furnishings make this restaurant a must have on a weekend to-do’s list. In addition to the stunning elegance of the dining room, the skills of the culinary team may be more impressive. Tyler Anderson is the chef at Millwrights and has been nominated for being one of the best chefs in Connecticut. I think it is safe to say that if you make the trip to this fine restaurant you won’t be let down in presentation or food.

What to you think?

If you’ve got any other favorite go-to places or activities for your nights out, let us know in the comments below and we might add it to the list!

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