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Friends in High Places at City Climb Gym!

Friends in High Places at City Climb Gym!
Written by Amber DelPrete

Have you been wanting to try indoor climbing? City Climb in New Haven is a gem worth a try!

Friends in High Places at City Climb Gym!This past weekend I held a 30th Birthday Party for my boyfriend at City Climb Gym in New Haven.  Eleven of our closest friends and one of the cutest children I know, harnessed up and hit the walls for two jam-packed hours of climbing!

The staff was amazing.  We are a rowdy group with a variety of skill levels, so the staff gave a great intro and we were off!  For birthday parties, the gym supplies a belayer (someone to work the rope for the climber), shoes, harness, and the birthday boy even gets a shirt!  It’s the perfect winter activity.

I would highly recommend City Climb Gym.  All ages and abilities are welcome- we experienced that first-hand.  The gym is well-staffed, clean, and even offers activities like a slack-rope (basically a tight-rope), a “bouldering” room, and other specialty classes such as yoga for climbers.  They even offer a belay course for those wishing to get certified!

For more info, visit them at their website:

I know we will definitely be back!

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