Palace Theater

100 East Main St, Waterbury, CT

The Palace Theater is located in the center of the state of Connecticut, 100 East Main Street, Waterbury – 35 miles from each state border and conveniently located off I-84 and Route 8. The Palace Theater is a culture and tourist attraction as a historic venue recently renovated as part of a $200 million economic redevelopment project for the City of Waterbury and the State of Connecticut. Through the generosity of the State of Connecticut and $35 million dollars, the doors of the Palace Theater opened once again to the public on November 12, 2004. All of the grandeur, originally designed by period architect Thomas Lamb, is what is described as a Renaissance Revival style, featuring an eclectic mix of Greek, Roman, Arabic and Federal motifs. Boasting grand lobby spaces and ornate dome ceilings, the Palace Theater provides a palatial setting fit for a king – but intended for the people of Waterbury.

Events at this location


23mar8:00 pmJersey BoysPalace Theater

24mar2:00 pmJersey BoysPalace Theater

24mar8:00 pmJersey BoysPalace Theater


13apr8:00 pmRENTPalace Theater

14apr2:00 pmRENTPalace Theater

14apr8:00 pmRENTPalace Theater

15apr1:00 pmRENTPalace Theater


11may8:00 pmMotown the MusicalPalace Theater

12may2:00 pmMotown the MusicalPalace Theater

12may8:00 pmMotown the MusicalPalace Theater

13may1:00 pmMotown the MusicalPalace Theater