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Employment Opportunities

While there are no currently no openings, we are growing quickly and would love to know who’s out there for when the time comes. Please email your resume to or check out the Internship Opportunities below.

Internship Opportunities

We are currently seeking unpaid interns to help write content and assist with marketing activities for our rapidly growing website.  For just ten hours a week, you can expand your portfolio and reach an audience of thousands of Connecticut Readers.  There are only a few requirements:

  • You must live in Connecticut and be proud of it.
  • You should want to share Connecticut’s “hidden secrets” with others.
  • You must be able to write well.
  • You must either be a college student or a recent graduate.

Basically, you’ll be doing a few things —  going out and exploring the great things CT has to offer, and then writing about it.  You can fulfill this internship from anywhere within the state, and there will be no required office time.  We will only ask to meet with you for a short period once a week.

Learning Objectives:

  • Working with WordPress.
  • Develop a daily blogging habit.
  • Using social networks to promote blog.
  • Developing relationships with other bloggers.
  • Writing a great ‘About Me’ page (This can include a link to your personal blog or resume)
  • Locate and promote affiliate programs.
  • The basics of search engine and social media marketing

Specific Goals:

  • Post to blog daily.
  • Expand content for our “Get Ideas” section.
  • Find the cool things in Connecticut that few know about.
  • Grow RSS Subscribership.
  • Increase comment activity.
  • Increase inbound links.
  • Have fun.

This is a great opportunity to get into the blogging world and share your writing abilities with people throughout the state.    To apply, please send your resume to  We look forward to hearing from you!

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