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7 CT Maple Syrup Farms You Need to Visit

Written by Noel Lorde

The sugaring season may be over, but I know every time the fall comes around I get those cravings for some maple flavored treats. I usually get my fix by pouring an unhealthy amount of maple syrup on my pancakes. Sometimes I’ll even splurge and put a little bit on my vanilla ice cream.

New England is known for its maple syrup. It’s a crime that so many people just go to grocery stores to get syrup when there’s so many maple syrup farms and sugarhouses scattered around Connecticut. The taste of regular store-bought maple syrup cannot be compared to the real stuff. Getting to see how it’s made is also a plus. In elementary school, we took a trip and got to see the process, they even let us sample the syrup on ice cream. This is where my love for maple syrup began. Your next visit to one of these seven farms might be where your love affair with maple syrup begins too.

1. Lamothe’s Sugar House– Burlington


Lamothe Sugar House in Burlington offers a wide variety of maple products for you to choose from. They recommend putting their pure maple syrup on pancakes, waffles and even cereal. I’ve never tried it, but I’m going to have to put that on my to-do list. They’ve been in business for decades so I won’t question their method as they are likely to know the ins and outs of what to put maple syrup on.

You can stop by their country gift shop to purchase a bottle to try it out for yourself. They offer their syrup in three grades and you can even put it in different shaped bottles. You can choose from the glass autumn leaf, the glass log cabin, or the short embossed glass. They make excellent party favors if you’re hosting a party this fall season.

2. Hilljack Sugar Shack– Litchfield


This family owned and operated farm located in Litchfield sells quality maple syrup. They welcome visitors to stop by and check the place out all week long. If you’re looking to get a full tour, you should contact the farm by email or phone. They guarantee fresh farm products that are grown right here in Connecticut. You can check out some of their best sellers on their website before you plan on visiting. You can even get their syrup shipped right to your doorstep!

3. Anderson Sugarhouse– East Haddam


This sugarhouse is opened every day from 9 am to 5 pm in East Haddam. Their farm stand has a wide selection of maple syrup as well as maple candy, sugar, and cream. If you can’t make the trip out, they ship products to their customers too. You can get free shipping on all orders and there’s no sales tax with your purchase.

They believe in supplying quality products for affordable prices. They also price match any deals you may come across. They take pride in their competitive pricing and want to guarantee that you are receiving the best deal possible. They’re the Walmart of the maple syrup industry. Their eco-friendly system uses sustainable practices when making their products. They want to ensure that their process isn’t affecting the long-term health of the trees they use.

4. Sugar Maple Farms– Lebanon


The Sugar Maple Farms in Lebanon has been producing maple syrup for over 30 years. They encourage locals to come to visit their store and explore their products all week long. Along with their spread of syrups, they also produce maple candy, butter, and honey.

Sugar Maple Farms is confident in their quality products, they love the taste and they are sure that you will too.

5. River’s Edge Sugar House– Ashford


This sugarhouse is located on Mount Hope River in Ashford. They sell maple products and local honey. Their maple candy is a big hit among customers, it’s made purely from boiling their delicious maple syrup. They also have maple cream which they recommend using it as a spread for bagels and toast. They offer a four-ounce gift box that comes with twelve candies inside which makes it perfect for a holiday gift.

If you’re just looking for some maple syrup and you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can get their recipe in a leaf-shaped decorative glass.

6. Woodbury Sugar Shed– Woodbury


This sugarhouse in Woodbury is a perfect place to stop to get a taste of New England. They offer three different types of maple grade for your palate preferences. If you prefer a more delicate maple taste like I do than you should check out their Grade A golden color. They also offer a Grade A amber color for those of you that like a rich maple flavor and a Grade A dark color for those that enjoy a robust maple flavor.

The Grade A dark color is the Woodbury Sugar Shed family’s favorite. It has the deepest maple flavor and they recommend using it for all of your syrup needs. It’s a great table syrup, but it can also be used in cooking recipes and drinks.

7. Sweet Wind Farm– East Hartland


Now, this Farm in East Heartland might already be on your radar this fall, but you’ll definitely want to remember them when the sugaring season rolls around. In March, they host their annual Maple Festival. You should mark this event down in your calendars for next year because it’s great for families.

It’s an old fashion New England cultural experience that they encourage residents to participate in. You get to see live demonstrations of sap boiling. You can even compete in a contest to draw with syrup. They’ll have live music, pancakes, tours, and so much more. The best part about this festival is that it’s free. This will be their 13th festival held and you can be apart of the next one on March 8th.

How’d We Do?

Did we miss any of your favorite maple syrup farms or sugarhouses? If so let us know in the comments.

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