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Community Supported Agriculture in CT

Written by Amber DelPrete

Community Supported Agriculture may be the best way for you to have the freshest veggies in CT!

Fresh veggies scream summer! Sign up for a CSA or check out your local farmers markets in CT.

Do you love fresh garden veggies but do not have the time or space for a garden of your own?   You are in luck!  Farmers Markets and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) can provide you with the benefits of a plentiful garden without the headache of the hard work and space a home garden demands.

Community Supported Agriculture is a way to directly connect farmers and consumers.  Generally, a farmer offers a number of “shares” to the public.  Typically the share consist of a box of vegetables, but flowers, meat and other farm products may also be included.  Shares are looked at as a membership or subscription to a consistent supply of seasonal produce throughout the farming season.  Each CSA has its own terms and details, so inquire with the individual CSA for specifics.

Through participating in a CSA, you are supporting local farmers, sharing the risks and benefits of food production and reconnecting with the land.  Sounds great, right?  Sign up for one today and please share your experience with us!

What I love best about CSA’s is the relationship fostered between you and your food which a typical grocery store cannot provide. Through giving the farmer a “guaranteed customer”, you are helping to cover anticipated costs associated with farm operation and the peace of mind of knowing where your food comes from. Some farms offer special tours for CSA members to give an exclusive inside look into food production, which can be fun and educational for children and adults alike!

What do you love best about community supported agriculture?

Local Farms Offering Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Gazy Brothers Farm – Oxford, CT

Stone Gardens Farm – Shelton, CT

Robert Treat Farm – Milford, CT

Farmer Joe’s Gardens LLC – Wallingford, CT

Shaggyhill Farm & Feed, LLC – Bethany, CT

Turtle Ridge Cooperative/Mill River Valley Gardens CSA – Prospect, CT

Shortts Farm and Garden Center – Sandy Hook, CT

Hindinger Farm – Hamden, CT

Boulder Knoll Community Farm CSA – Cheshire, CT

Grow Hartford CSA – Hartford, CT

Spring Lake Gardens – Sterling, CT

Urban Oaks Organic Farm – New Britain, CT

Beaver Meadow – Litchfield, CT

Renaissance Farm – Burlington, CT

Belta’s Farm – Westport, CT

As an alternative to a CSA, check out your local farmers market.  Farmers markets basically scream summer!  Nothing feels quite more like summer than a casual stroll through your local farmers market while picking up the most beautiful, fresh veggies around.  Stay tuned for an upcoming list of awesome farmers markets in CT.  We love hearing from our readers, so if you know of a farmers market gem in your town, please feel free to share!

Have you participated in a CSA?  Share your tips and expertise by commenting below.  We’d love to hear from you.

ps- Thanks Kelly for inspiring this post!

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Amber DelPrete

I love the outdoors, travelling and new adventures so writing for CT Weekender is a no-brainer. A CT native, my only significant time spent outside of this beautiful state was the year I lived in Kingston, Jamaica as a community advocate and volunteer. I thoroughly believe in my CT Weekender Team and hope you enjoy our content! Please send us thoughts and comments and submit events you would like to see posted.

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