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Check it Out: The Litchfield Distillery

Litchfield Distillery
Written by Timothy Stobierski

In the mood for something new and different? Stop by The Litchfield Distillery and sample their whiskey, and more while learning about the distillery process.

Over the last decade, craft brewing has exploded in Connecticut, turning it into something of a beer lover’s paradise. (If you need any proof, just head to any of these 5 top breweries in CT). But beer isn’t the only thing that our great state has to offer, as is demonstrated by The Litchfield Distillery.

Located in Litchfield (duh), The Litchfield Distillery is one of the newest micro distilleries in CT. Microbreweries got their start in order to create high-quality, unique beer that wasn’t being addressed by the big companies on the market, and micro-distilleries like The Litchfield Distillery aim to accomplish that same thing for a variety of hard liquors. After all, why should quality and variety be limited only to beer?

Having gotten their start in 2014, the distillery is currently producing a full line of different liquors including various whiskeys and bourbons, gin, and flavored vodkas, with plans to add more products as their operations grow. The products are all made with corn and grain sourced locally in Connecticut, meaning that every purchase goes to support our state’s economy instead of somewhere else—and that’s a win-win!

The distillery is run by the same family that has been bottling and selling Crystal Rock water for over 100 years (and they use the same water in their distillation process), which says something about the quality of the beverages they produce. And it’s located on the beautiful backroads of Litchfield, making it the perfect addition to any Litchfield-area daytrips that you have in mind.

Tasting Tours

If you’re interested in sampling some of the distillery’s unique beverages and learning more about the distillation process, there’s good news: They offer a tour, and it’s free of charge! As a part of the tour, you’ll have the chance to see ow the batchers bring the liquors from farm to bottle, learning about all of the processes that go into creating a high quality beverage: from sourcing the grain, to converting it into liquid gold, to aging it and ultimately bottling it for sale and consumption.

After the tour, you are allowed to sample the beverages free of charge, meaning that you can find your favorite before taking the plunge and buying something.

The tours are offered every hour on the hour from 11am to 5pm, Wednesday through Sunday. Though walk-ins are welcome, they do request that you book a reservation online if possible.

If you want to try the distilleries products but don’t want to drive to Litchfield (but, honestly, why wouldn’t you?) you can always keep an eye out in liquor stores and restaurants around the state. They’re growing in popularity, and are currently in more than 600 locations around Connecticut.

Visitor Information

Where: The Litchfield Distillery, 569 Bantam Rd, Litchfield
When: Wednesday through Sunday, 11am–5pm
Cost: Free!
Admission: To taste the liquor, you must be 21 years or older. Younger visitors are allowed to go through the tour if they are accompanied by a parent or other adult.

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Tim Stobierski is a Connecticut native and a freelance writer and editor who has worked with a number of publishers including Taunton, Abrams, and Yale University Press. He has written for Grow Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Hartford Courant, and many other publications. His first book of poetry, Chronicles of a Bee Whisperer was published in 2012 by River Otter Press. He is the founding editor of, a website focused on helping college students avoid and pay off their student loan debt.

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