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Breaking Cabin Fever: 5 Fun Things To Do Around New Haven

Written by Ryan Sylvestre

Are your kids sick and tired of being cooped up in the house all day because of rain, snow, cold, or from just not having anything to do? Watching your kids be bored can be unbearable on parents, especially if it turns into whining. Next time your kids are bored, turn to this list of fun activities around New Haven.

We can all remember those days as children when we were stuck in the house with nothing to do. Maybe it was raining and we couldn’t play outside; maybe we had all the toys we could want, but nothing seemed to spark our imaginations, and we just lounged around the house in our pajamas half-watching cartoons or staring at the wall.

Were we sick? No. But we did have a fever—cabin fever. And it could be unbearable.

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Now, as parents, we can see it in our kids, especially on a rainy day or a bone-cold winter weekend, and it can be just as unbearable to watch as it is to experience. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of activities around New Haven that you can keep in your back pocket as a treat for the next day that your kids are home, bored, and driving you crazy.

1. Sky Zone Trampoline Park — Wallingford


Do you have a little Michael Jordan on your hands? If your little one has always wanted to be able to dunk a basketball, Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Wallingford is just the place for them to test their skills and get a little boost towards the hoop.

They can fly high and slam down on basketball hoops just like the pros. If basketball isn’t really their thing, there’s plenty else for them: A massive pit of foam blocks that they can dive into and swim around in, a dodgeball area, and even an obstacle course (called the “Sky Ladder”) that consists of a rope ladder dangling over a foam pit that spins and twists as you try to get to the top.

Sky Zone is perfect for kids of any age, whether young, middle and high schoolers, or even you young-at-heart college kids and parents. Prices are $15 for an hour, $20 for 90 minutes and $25 for two hours. They offer different programs in which you can buy tickets separately. Some programs include: SKYWARS, SKYFIT and TODDLER TIME.

2. Monster Mini Golf — Orange

Monster-Mini-Golf Orange CT

Who doesn’t love mini golf? This spooky establishment is sure to excite even the dreariest of the winter blues. In addition to traditional mini golf, they have a full arcade and laser tag course.

They pride themselves on weird and fun entertainment for the whole family. Black lights light up the entire playroom, bringing images of ghosts and goblins to life to thrill kids and really make for a memorable experience. They play music while you play and even have their own internal radio station that helps them cater to their guest.

Prices are $9.00 for “Big Monsters” and $8.00 for Little Monsters for mini golf, and $8.99 per player per game for laser tag. They offer a triple play pricing that is $22.99 for 3 games per player that allows you to play two games of laser tag and one round of mini golf.

3. Rock Climb Fairfield — Fairfield


Looking for an activity that’ll be both challenging and fun for your kids? Rock Climb Fairfield can help with that. This rock-climb gym has everything you need to get started.

For first time climbers, you can hire an employee to belay for you as you climb (Belayers are the people who hold your rope as you climb). They will help you and your group navigate and progress through the climbing walls. Already know what your doing? Take the belay test so you can go off on your own and help other in your group succeed during your stay. If you want to learn how to belay so you too can go off on your own, they offer a class that allows you to get belay certified.

The prices for day passes are $20 for those aged 13-64, $16 for those aged 7-12, and $10 for those 6 and under. Military personnel or senior citizens pay $16. If you need equipment, they offer equipment you can rent which includes a harness, climbing shoes, belay device and chalk bag (for a little extra). Check their website for specific day specials and pricing.

4.  Support your Local Sports Team!

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from the TV and actually be at the game. Yale and Quinnipiac Universities are almost always playing some sort of game on the weekends that would be perfect for introducing your family to the excitement of a live game.

Grab a snack (or sneak in your own), grab a seat, and enjoy a little hockey, football, or basketball without having to pay big bucks. Being at one of these games is electric and pumps up the entire crowd up.

Yale and Quinnipiac are just two schools in this area that offer sporting events. Other possibilities include Southern, or any of the local high school teams.

5. Connecticut Post Mall

Do your kids want to do something, but they’re not sure what? Chances are good that they’re just tired of being cooped up in the house all day. They want to move around and explore. What better place for that than taking a trip to the Post Mall?

Worried that you’ll end up spending too much money? Don’t. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun at the mall. Walking around, window shopping, and just watching people can be a blast, especially for kids. Throw in one sweet treat like a Cinnabon, ice cream cone, or lunch from the food court, and you’ve got an all-in-one inclusive activity.

Tired of walking around, shopping, and eating food? You could always catch a movie, or stop in at Dave and Buster’s for some arcade fun.

Teenagers have been going to the mall for ages to get out of the house and have a little fun, even when they don’t have a lot of money. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but we can learn a thing or two from the kids!

What do you think?

So what do you think? If you have any other favorite cabin-fever-busting activities around New Haven, let us know in the comments below and we might add them to our list!
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