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12 Places Where You Can Get Apple Cider Donuts in CT

apple cider donuts
Written by Ryan Sylvestre

After thinking about how glad I was that the crisp fall air had finally moved into Connecticut, I felt like something was missing. I remembered that I missed my chance to be one of the first to enjoy a fall season delicacy, the apple cider donut. Here in Connecticut, we have so many places to choose from it can get overwhelming.

This is serious, we have a beer trail, wine trail, even a hot dog trail. Why can’t we have an apple cider donut trial? Let’s use this list as a starting point for a future donut trail. Maybe an apple wine/hard cider and donut trail…. The possibilities are endless.

Just in case you want a little extra guidance on where to get some extra apple cider, check out our other post.

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1. B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill


Located in Mystic, CT, Clyde’s Cider Mill has been operating since 1881 making it the longest standing cider mill in the United States. They produce much more than apple cider donuts, they have a full line of wine, hard ciders and tons of food. If you go visit, make sure to say hi to Brenda in the gift shop. She will be the small Italian lady talking to everyone. Yes, she is my grandma.

2. McConney’s Farm 


Located in Derby, CT, McConney’s Farm and is highly recommended by everyone in the area. They have a lot to offer when it comes to the sweets department. They have candy apples, donuts, pies and tons of bakery goodness.   

3. Beardsley’s Cider Mill and Orchard


The Beardsley Cider Mill and Orchard is located in the heart of Shelton. They have pick-your-own fruit so get it while it’s good! Remember though, cash or check only. If you are looking for farm fresh baked good and hard cider, Beardsley Orchard is the place to be.

4. Lyman Orchard


Lyman Orchard is a big name in the fall season game and for a good reason. They have been operating for over 275 years and continues to evolve as each season passes by. They have corn mazes, golf, and tons of delicious food. You can shop online and enjoy delicious pies and other baked goods right from home.

5. Bishop Orchards


They have come a long way from their first official season in 1909. Bishop Orchards, located in Guilford has become a household name for a lot of us here in CT. You can head on down and enjoy the crisp fall air and pick out your own fruits and even enjoy a tasty apple cider donut

6. Roses Berry Farm


Roses Berry Farm in Glastonbury is home to some of the most spectacular views in the state. Their orchards, pond, and farm stand really give you the fall season feeling. They have tons of products like jams, gifts baskets, and pies. Make sure to take a trip to enjoy a great fall season day on the farm.

7. Old Bishops Farm


Located in the CT Weekender’s hometown of Cheshire, Old Bishop Farms has served up our office a few times. I can attest that their apple cider donuts are delicious and really get you into the fall season mood. My favorite part about their farm… they are right around the corner.

8. Scotts Orchard


Open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 6:00pm, Scotts Orchard of East Lyme is serving up donuts all week long! They have pick-your-own fruits, corn maze, and of course delicious bakery products. This 125-acre farm is the perfect destination for an amazing fall outing.

9. Rogers Orchard


Rogers Orchards in Southington growns 20 different varieties of apples and creates delicious products in their bakery. They have items like apple, peach and pecan pie! They have “cinnamon-dusted apple fritter donuts” – sounds amazing.

10. Clarks Farm at Bushy Hill Orchard


You know what I love about Clarks Farm, it that I can order donuts online. My dreams have come true. There’s only one problem with that, you don’t get to see the orchard! I highly recommend going and checking out all that this orchard has to offer. Once you are hooked on their donuts….maybe order online.  

11. Holmberg Orchard and Winery


Located a short drive from Mystic, Holmberg Orchards of Gales Ferry is a great day-trip destination for any CT resident. They are always stocked with fruits, veggies, and homemade baked goods. Come and pick your own fruit and enjoy some wine and relaxation.

12. March Farms


March Farms is a 150-acre farm tucked away in Bethlehem. They have a corn maze, haunted pumpkin patch, and donuts! All of their baked good are made on the farm and you can pick your own cherries, blueberries, peaches, apples, and pumpkins.

Let the debate begin!

I know which place is my favorite, what about you? Don’t see your favorite place on here? Leave us a comment and we will consider adding it to our list!
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