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25 of CT’s Best Waterfalls That You Absolutely Have to Visit

Written by Ryan Sylvestre

Everyone loves waterfalls, and luckily for us, Connecticut is home to some truly amazing and beautiful falls. we’ve got formations of all kinds, ranging from cascading falls to streams to plunges and more. Here’s our list of the 25 most amazing CT waterfalls that you’ve just got to see to believe.

You might think that you have to travel far and wide to find a waterfall worth visiting. Here in Connecticut, that’s not the case. We have plenty of awesome waterfall formations throughout our state that would give even the most well-known waterfalls a run for their money.

I have compiled a list of top-rated waterfalls all over the state to help you start exploring. Pack a lunch, load up the car, and head out with family or friends to experience hidden pockets of tranquility.

You may have an awesome waterfall right around the corner and not even know it!

1. Aspetuck Falls


The 20-foot plunge found at the Aspetuck Falls is located in Fairfield, CT. This hybrid waterfall consists of both a man-made portion and naturally occurring falls. The flow of the water passes in between a gorge.

2. Bailey’s Ravine

North Franklin

If you need a place to relax, the 10-foot plunge at Bailey’s Ravine will do the trick. The falls aren’t the only thing you will enjoy, you can hike to the top of the preserve and look out to see a beautiful view of the Connecticut wilderness.

A quick hike will get you to the base of the falls, but be sure to explore the surrounding area. There is plenty more to see and the wooded area compliments the tranquility of the falls.

3. Blackledge Falls


Depending on the water volume and flow, you can sometimes see three separate portions of this waterfall! Each stream is about 24 feet high and isn’t obstructed by any overhanging ledges so the water has a straight drop down!

These falls are really flowing in the spring, thanks to our April showers. This lovely waterfall is a 15 minutes hike from the trailhead on an easy flat trail.

4. Burr Falls


Burr falls are cascading chains of water that trickle down a 45-foot brook to at the edge of Burr Pond State Park. They are hiding just beyond the road but many people have no idea that they are there.

You can easily park from the road and walk from the roadside. If you made it that far, you can keep walking along the trail to check out some other smaller waterfalls.

5. Cargill Falls


Cargill Falls is a pretty dam formation located in the rural town of Putnam. This dam has been used to create hydroelectric power for over 300 years. The dam is still used today to make a small amount of power for the surrounding businesses.

There is a parking area where you can safely leave your car and take a short walk along the Putnam River Trail to find the falls on your left.

6. Case Falls


The Case Falls are considered a hybrid because they are a part dam and part natural. The falls are more than just a pretty sight, the flowing water from these falls produce a second waterfall formation a short walk away.

The water flows out a scenic backdrop of arched bridges and has a graceful fall of about 25 feet.

7. Chapman Falls

East Haddam

These well-known falls along Eight Mile River have a total drop of 60 feet over three separate ledges. These falls hold the title for one of strongest flowing falls in the state of Connecticut and usually draw a big crowd.

If you make a visit to Chapman falls, be sure to bring a lunch and explore this scenic area. There is plenty to see besides the falls.

8. Day Pond Brook Falls


Thanks to our boy scouts, this trail has new life. They did a fantastic job of clearing the mile-long hiking trail for people wanting to enjoy an amazing waterfall. This zig-zagging waterfall creates a nice flowing path for the water to travel down its 40- foot drop.

9. Dean’s Ravine Falls


Dean’s Ravine would rival any popular waterfall anywhere in New England. This waterfall stands tall at 50 feet and cascades down the face of a wide rock formation. A quick 15-minute hike will get you to the base of the falls.

10. Enders Falls


Enders falls is a combination of 5 individual waterfalls. Combined, the water travels down about 150 feet. Each section of the waterfall incorporates a different cascading structure. We suggest starting at the top and following the water down to see each individual section.

11. Falls Brook Falls


Two separate falls make up the Falls Brook, making the total drop around 50 feet. The first drop is about 20 feet and consists of different cascades that trickle down into the lower half. A short 0.7-mile hike will get you to the bottom of the falls.

12. Great Falls Of The Housatonic


The strong flow of the Great Falls attracts not just sightseers, but thrill seekers. The power from the 50-foot drop allows for whitewater kayakers get a little exercise in the current. This is the “Niagra of Connecticut”.

If you park in the parking area it is a short walk to the falls, so don’t worry about a long trek!

13. Hatch Brook Falls


This 25 foot-tall fall is always flowing after a good rain storm or big snow-melt. Take a short 0.25-mile hike to check this waterfall out. You can expect to see the main falls along with other side features like cascades and other short waterfalls.

14. Indian Well Falls


This narrow 15-foot fall falls into a picture perfect pool of water below. The pool of water is surrounded by a rock formation, making it look as though it is a secret pool of nature. Though it may look enticing, swimming isn’t allowed. (Darn!)

15. Kent Falls  


This monstrous waterfall stands at about 250 feet and has three falls that trickle down into a smaller stream. Take a quick walk to the base of this Connecticut icon, you won’t regret it. The park that houses these falls is well-maintained, the combination of the beauty of the falls and surrounding nature makes for a truly captivating visit.

16. Knife Shop Falls


Knife Shop falls has three separate plunges that combine to a total of about 35 feet in vertical drop. The hike to the falls will only take a few minutes and is very rewarding. The stream leading to each individual drop is unique, the flow of water has a very unusual path. The Humaston Brook State Park is home to the falls and is patiently waiting for you to visit!

17. Nonnewaug Falls


An easy walk will take you to the base of the Nonnewaug Falls. The foliage surrounding the water make it look like a hidden gem in the forest, while only being a short distance away. The 18 feet drop brings the water to a small pool of water at the base of the falls.

18. Spruce Brook Falls


There are quite a few different systems of water that make up the Brook Falls. The part everyone wants to see is the 40-foot plunge along the Spruce Brook. The bottom of the falls splashes down onto rocks instead of a pool of water. If you want to see the best part of the falls, you may want to consider putting in a little extra effort to make it to the top of the Spruce Brook waterfall formation.

19. Wadsworth Big Falls


These amazing falls are average size but above average in appearance. The 25-foot waterfall flows into a pool of water perfect for fishing and maybe some meditation! A short 0.1-mile hike will get you to this tranquil spot. These falls are special because they are found in the middle of the state where you would never expect to find such beauty.

20. Waterfall On The Cathles Trail

West Simsbury

This waterfall is really dependant on the water volume. It would be best to visit these falls after a big rain storm. The falls start high and with the help of a series of drops, water cascades down to the bottom of a brook. Even though the trail is a bit longer than the rest of the trails on this list, a 0.3-mile hike should get you to the base of the falls.

21.Westfield Falls


The Westfield Falls have two separate waterfalls. One of the descending sections of the waterfall is 18-feet high while the neighboring cascade stands a little shorter, at 15-feet. Being so close to the highway, it seems that the environment surrounding the falls has taken a hit from littering and destruction of nature. If you plan a visit, please be sure to respect the falls and the area around it.

22. Wyllys Falls


There is a bit of a hike out to the Wyllys Falls, but totally worth it for the avid hiker. The 40-foot tall waterfall you find in the urban town of Manchester is breathtaking. The hike will take you about 10 minutes, be sure to prepare for a little wilderness obstruction along the way, as the path is not well groomed.

23. Yantic Falls


This is another hybrid waterfall and consists of a small dam accompanied by a natural flowing fall. With a series of plunges and cascades, these falls drop 40-feet and flow into the Yantic River. Take a short walk from the parking area (0.1 miles) and enjoy the impressive power of the Yantic Falls.

24. Roaring Brook Falls


Roaring Brook Falls offers a view of a spectacular vertical drop of about 80-feet. The water slowly cascades down the face of a huge rock into a small pool of water below. It will take a bit of a walk to get to the Roaring Brook, but totally worth it.

25. Northgate Falls


Northgate Falls is located in Simsbury and have a total vertical drop of about 30 feet. Not to worry, this beautiful spot is a short distance from the parking area and should only take a few minutes to get to. Make sure to hike to the top to see each section of this 3 layer fall.

Some Helpful Tips Before You Go

Before you grab your camera and jump in the car to visit one of Connecticut’s many waterfalls, there are a few helpful tips that you might want to keep in mind:

  1. Let a responsible person know where you’ll be heading, what your route will be, and when you can expect to return.
  2. Always hike with another person. The terrain around waterfalls can be wet, slippery, and quite dangerous, so having a hiking partner is always a smart idea.
  3. Be sure to keep your phone fully charged. You’ll likely be taking a ton of photos and relying on your GPS. Make sure you have enough power to make emergency calls or navigate your way back should you get lost.
  4. Bring plenty of water.
  5. A small backpack with light snacks, a flashlight, and a pocket knife will come in handy in case of an emergency.
  6. Check the weather prior to heading out.
  7. Don’t forget your camera!
  8. Know the terrain and your personal skill level.

Did we miss any?

These are some of our all-time favorite waterfalls in CT, but let us know if we missed any of your favorites and we’ll think about adding it!

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