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50 Things to Do During a Snowstorm in Connecticut

Snowed In
Written by Sean Henri

Every winter there’s a day or two (or many) when it’s snowing like crazy outside, the roads are too slick to drive, and the kids stayed home from school. If it’s one of those days, you’re probably feeling a bit trapped.

Every winter there’s a day or two (or many) when it’s snowing like crazy outside, the roads are too slick to drive, and the kids stayed home from school. If it’s one of those days, you’re probably feeling a bit trapped.

Looking for something to do to pass the hours away? Here’s a list of 50 ideas that will keep you and your family occupied and with plenty to do throughout the duration of the storm!

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  1. Read a book (or two). Nothing new on the shelf? Buy a digital book from the Kindle Store or iTunes.
  2. Play a board game. We recommend Quelf or Cranium. For a more kid-friendly game, there’s always Candy Land.
  3. Start a blog about your favorite hobby or something you’re passionate about.,, and are three great places to start. To become a blogging guru, check out this free training resource.
  4. Read up on the local history of your town. You’d be surprised what you can dig up with a quick Google search. In my town, Cheshire, we have Cheshirepedia.
  5. Listen to online police scanners and be happy you’re not one of the fools that decided to go out in the storm.
  6. Play a card game. War never gets old.
  7. Drink wine.
  8. Learn more about wine by taking a free online course so you can appreciate #7 a bit more.
  9. Now that you’re a wine pro, plan your next trip to the Connecticut Wine Trail.
  10. Treat your significant other to an early Valentine’s Day dinner.
  11. Exercise. You need to make room for that big Valentines Day dinner you’re planning. (And if you’re single, you’ve got to burn off all those excess holiday calories.)
  12. Run around with your dog in the snow.
  13. Create a humorous costume for your other dog who is too scared to run in the snow.
  14. Write a guest blog post for the Connecticut Weekender about your town’s best kept secret.
  15. Listen to every album by The Beatles for free online. You won’t regret it.
  16. Break out those old vinyl records that have been collecting dust in the basement and say “Son, this is what we used to listen to back in the 70’s.” Be prepared for strange looks.
  17. Write in a journal.
  18. Knit something.
  19. Play some brain games & boost your mental capacity.
  20. Do your nails.
  21. Spring is just around the corner. Do some research on Pinterest to get inspired for all those springtime projects you’re going to take on.
  22. Do a friend cleanse on Facebook. You never really liked those people anyway.
  23. Go on a baking spree.
  24. Enjoy a growler of beer from one of Connecticut’s many breweries.
  25. Find a good playlist on Spotify.
  26. Play Mad Libs.
  27. Make some Snow Paint with the kiddos.Snow Paint
  28. Call an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  29. Get your finances in line. Make a budget.
  30. Clean out your closet.
  31. Tell your friends to follow @CTWeekender on Twitter.
  32. Start a business plan for that company you’ve been dreaming of starting for years.
  33. Scan old photos from your childhood and fill in your Facebook timeline.
  34. Expand your knowledge by taking a free online course.
  35. Plan your high school reunion. (If it’s close, see #11 about exercising. Gotta show everyone else up!)
  36. Go on a Netflix bingeing spree.
  37. Watch a movie that’s been nominated for an Oscar.
  38. Learn how to play harmonica.
  39. Fix the creaky door or leaky faucet.
  40. Start your family tree.
  41. Call your grandparents and learn something you never knew about your parents.
  42. Spruce up your resume.
  43. Plan your grocery list. The roads will be clear by tomorrow.
  44. Pour your wife another glass of wine.
  45. Learn transcendental meditation.
  46. Plan your next trip. You could fly to Hawaii or Alaska for under 400 bucks if you play your cards right.
  47. Find a pet to adopt.
  48. Organize your music collection in iTunes.
  49. Start a scrapbook.
  50. Plan out your weekend by finding things to do.

This post was originally published on February 8, 2013 during Blizzard Nemo, one of Connecticut’s biggest snowstorms. It has been updated for style, accuracy, and awesomeness so that it can be enjoyed for many  more #Snowpocolype and #blizzards to come.
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Sean Henri

Sean is the founder and editor of The Connecticut Weekender, and CEO and Founder of Pepperland Marketing. He's a lifelong CT resident and frequently blogs about the outdoors, beer, food, family life and small business in CT. Follow him on Twitter at @SeanHenri.

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