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5 Reasons to Go Camping this Fall in Connecticut

Camping this Fall in Connecticut

Who says summer is the prime season to go camping? We hope you didn’t put your tent in storage just yet!

With the hot summer days long gone and the winter snow still in the future, get ready to gear up for an absolute fall must-do. If you’re a camping fanatic, you already know how beautiful camping during the fall in Connecticut is each year. No more blood thirsty mosquitoes, crowded campsites or random thunderstorms. Instead, camping during the fall involves the sounds of crunching leaves, perfect hiking weather and seeing the natural wonders of New England.

Still need a little convincing? Here are 5 reasons why camping in Connecticut this fall will capture your heart.

Comfort Food Reaches a Whole New Level

We all love a good hot dog with a side of potato salad during the scorching summer days but fall has our eyes and taste buds on something else. With the temperatures dropping, nothing feels better than warming our body with delicious comfort food. We’re talking about a hot bowl of chili, a hearty stew and loaded potatoes with extra bacon and sour cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

Camping this fall is the perfect excuse to forget about the calories and make room for meals loaded with flavor.

Fall Soup

Maybe it’s just us but for some reason s’mores taste just a little bit better wrapped up in a pile of blankets on a chilly fall night with the stars overhead. And don’t forget that warm apple cider for the extra kick!

Connecticut foliage. Enough said.

Camping in the fall is your front row ticket to the best scene in a movie. With the leaves changing colors and transforming your views with reds, oranges and yellows, nothing can beat the array of colors. Camping in Connecticut is by far one of the best ways to see the magnificent foliage and to partake in one of the best fall sightseeing. From sunrise to sunset, you will witness one of the most beautiful times of the year right outside of your tent.

Connecticut Fall Foliage

Just imagine waking up to a never ending works of art. Later, find yourself hiking through the picturesque trails or canoeing to explore the renowned New England beauty. Bring your camera and take some photos because at every angle, the picture will be nothing short of social media worthy.

The Best Camping Weather of the Year

You simply cannot beat fall weather. Imagine sleeping without any humidity. A miracle, right? These not too hot, not too cold temperatures make for the perfect night of sleep and the cooler temperatures makes waking up to crisp fall mornings ever so pleasant.

This refreshing weather is also great for those looking to hike without sweating through the scorching summer heat. The comfortable conditions outside will leave you walking extra miles and hiking up the tallest peaks you were too exhausted for during the hot summer days.

Connecticut in Fall

Cooler Weather Means Less Bugs

It wouldn’t be a surprise if your biggest summer pet peeve was the buzzing sound of bugs or those extra itchy mosquito bugs. Great news–bugs hate the chilly fall temperatures. While the mosquitoes lay eggs and hibernate during the cooler months, you get to enjoy a pest free environment without the fear of being bit.

Not only will this make camping more comfortable, you’ll save a few bucks on citronella candles and bug repellent. Also, leaving the tent open for the 40th time that day will not cause a World War 3.

Bugs in the fall

Affordable Rates with Fewer Crowds

Win-win situation. Since fall is consider an off-peak season, many campsites offer very low rates and may even stop taking reservations. No more racing against the clock to book a spot months in advance at over the top prices.

This is great news for anyone who has a hard time securing the right spot during the busy in-season days. Now is the best time to allow yourself to choose the best spot with more privacy and better views—that water view site is all yours!

Not only will the campsite have fewer crowds, so will the hiking trails and bodies of water. Any outdoor lover will enjoy the opportunity to canoe or kayak in a peaceful, natural environment.

Camping on the Lake

Extra Bonus

The fall Connecticut sky is nothing short of extraordinary and since days begin to shorten, stars will become visible slightly earlier!

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