Locally filmed indy film ‘Hunting Season’ released on DVD

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WEST HAVEN, CT – Connecticut based independent film production company Dalton Gang Productions in conjunction with Washington-based distributor Indieflix inc, is releasing their debut feature ‘Hunting Season’ on Tuesday, September 29th 2009. The brutal slasher-survivalist thriller is currently enjoying successful Video On Demand distribution across the U.S, Canada and Puerto Rico through an agreement with Gravitas Ventures arranged by The Bosko Group.

Hunting Season is the feature debut from director Nathan Wrann and Dalton Gang Productions. Husband and wife producing team, Nathan Wrann and Kimberly Dalton set out to create the horror movie they’d like to see — literate and coherent in plot, and brutal and unrelenting in tension. With Hunting Season, they’ve hit the mark with a vengeance. Production began in the wet, hot summer of 2006 as they gathered their resources: a cast of 10 friends; access to13 acres of wooded property just outside New Haven, CT; 2 part time, crew members, a plastic-tip-of-the-shoestring budget and a large bucket of blood, sweat and tears. Despite these limitations Wrann and Dalton were able to realize their vision and secure nationwide distribution allowing Mr. Wrann to call Hunting Season “A complete success.”

Hunting Season’s plot follows 6 friends on a camping trip deep in the woods for, what should be, “the best weekend ever.”  The good times take a turn for the worse when, after a tragic “accident,” a pair of sadistic hunters wreaks violent, bloody, unrelenting havoc on the stranded campers.

Hunting Season is a brutal exploitation flick (consider yourself warned) inspired by, and paying homage to, those that came many years before it. The final product and subsequent national VOD and DVD release is a testament to the fact that a dedicated cast and crew and a writer/director with a clear artistic vision and integrity, can overcome the limitations of budget (less than $5,000) to create a movie scarier, more brutal and more engaging than many of those with far greater resources.

Hunting Season will be available on DVD at www.indieflix.com and www.amazon.com on Tuesday, September 29th 2009.

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